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Robert Strange
Rustic Wood Artist

During the logging process, only the tree trunk is carried away, destined to become veneers or pieces of thin wood for novelty items and other mass produced furnishings. What remains is the unwanted stumps and limbs. Other trees are bulldozed off construction sites or are a result of the dead and dying.

Hidden deep inside the limbs, roots, and stumps lurks fantastic beauty in the highly figured grain of the wood. The highly figured grain designs in this wood are cut from limb and root junctions. When highly polished, the view from every angle will be different, the rich brown hues will darken or lighten, creating an illusion of heights and depths on a flat surface will occur. Natures Holograms.

Robert recognized this as a vast, unused, and wasted resource. He devised a plan to harvest it, invented a "chain saw" mill to cut some really wide boards, and was inspired to create beautiful and functional objects of art using the natural imperfections, such as splits, cracks, warped and "out of square" boards, and other unusual pieces of wood.

In the tradition of George Nakashima and Sam Maloof, Robert Strange has created by hand unique, one of a kind pieces with an artist's vision.

Please look around this site at some of the beautiful pieces of furniture Robert Strange has created.

AND God has filled them with His spirit, with ability and wisdom, with intelligence and understanding and with knowledge and all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs. EXODUS 35:31-32